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Tons of fun and food!

We had a wonderful time on our pizza tour! Jonathan was extremely knowledgeable about all things pizza and Chicago. He was such a good sport when it came to my comedian of a father (Frank/Gregg). Jonathan really fostered a good fun group atmosphere, we had a great time with our tour-mates. We really enjoyed that he took us to places that weren’t the typical tourist places (besides Pizano’s, but you can’t have a pizza tour without going there in my opinion!… Read more

MollyKrause – Tourist(s)

Great time!

I bought this pizza tour as something fun for my husband and i to do. We are from the suburbs so we were a little hesistant about going on a pizza tour of our own City. However, the Origional Chicago Pizza Tour exceeded our expections! The tour guide/ owner was so entertaining to listen to and very knowledgable about the city. We tasted pizza from places we had never had before and ended with one of our local favorites. I highly recomend this tour….you wont be disappointed! We had a blast!… Read more

mhess1985 – Local

PIZZA HEAVEN! We highly recommend this tour!!!!!

This tour was everything we expected and more! Yes, YOU GET TO EAT A LOT OF PIZZA–and it is all DELICIOUS!!! They are quite different from one restaurant to the next–hard to pick a favorite, but all soooo gooood!!! We even got to go into the kitchens in a couple of the places. John is a super nice guy, is extremely knowledgeable about all the pizzas and restaurants on the tour, and also provides interesting info about Chicago while riding on the bus. We had lots of fun, ate fabulous pizza, and will definitely do this tour again next time we are in town!!… Read more

bbuxton – Tourist(s)


Trip Advisor Reviews

Trip Advisor ranks us as a Top Tour in Chicago!

“Best thing we’ve ever done in Chicago!”

We got more than we bargained for! Not only is the tour a dizzying pizza orgy, but it’s also a REAL TOUR of Chicago by the humorous tour guide who owns the company. He carted our small group of about 16 people around in a van to four fantastic pizza restaurants all over Chicago and we gorged and laughed for four hours. You can have more than one piece at each place if you want to. My little size 2 wife ate as much as I did. They make several different varieties at each restaurant. If you are a vegetarian, let them know in advance… Read more

Merdie – Wilmington, North Carolina

“Great way to try some of the best (and varied) pizza Chicago has to offer”

This was a fun 3-hour tour to four great pizzerias around the city. There isn’t much walking around on this tour since you’re driven around in the “Dough Force One” bus. Jon was entertaining and full of facts about the city and, of course, about pizza. Even though we live in the city, we still enjoyed learning about some new, delicious options for pizza. We tried deep-dish, thin crust, coal-fired, and grilled pizza… Read more

rChi24 – Chicago, Illinois

“A delicious, fun tour for adults and teens together”

We tried this on a recent (repeat) visit to Chicago as we’d done the trolley & bus tours. What a great time! Went to 4 totally different pizzerias and John’s (tour guide/owner) enthusiasm was infectious. He’s a great, happy tour guide who loves and knows his Chicago pizza… Read more

FlamingoChuck – Boston, Massachusetts Reviews

Yelpers keep us stacked full of positive feedback!

Our first time in Chicago and I convinced my friends to take this tour and it was awesome!! I would say it was one of the highlights of our trip! If you are a pizza lover, and you are in Chicago, definitely take this tour! Jon was so informative, and knew so much about pizza and the city of Chicago in general! We almost got run off the road by a crazy guy in a Tahoe that flipped us off! All in the name of good pizza, and good times! My favorite pizza was Ginos, although my friends said their favorite pizza was from Pizanos… Read more

Diana J. – Downey, CA

My third time in Chicago – First time taking a Pizza Tour 12/2/2011 found via a Google Search. For all of you Chicago First Timers visiting this is a MUST! Jon the owner operator runs a great Tour. If you enjoy/like/love pizza this Specific Tour is a Must! The Tour Bus Driver is Awesome too!… Read more

John T. – Gonzales, CA

Jon is awesome, I will definitely recommend this tour to anyone that is visiting Chicago. Also I loved how he didn’t just talk about pizza the whole time, he would also tell us some touristy stuff that had nothing to do with pizzas so it was a great 3 hours spent!… Read more

Vanesa V. – Houston, TX

Rated 4.8 out of 5 Stars !!!