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Destination Eat Drink Part 2

Destination Eat Drink is a podcast hosted by Brent Petersen.  Brent is a former Chicagoan with fond memories of some of the signature Chicago dishes like Pepper & egg sandwiches, Jibaritos, hot dogs, giardiniera, and PIZZA!  Brent and owner Jonathan Porter sat down for the 2nd time to engage in a casual conversation diving a little DEEPER into the Chicago food scene.  Please enjoy Part 2 below. Destination Eat Drink – Chicago (Part 2)  

Destination Eat Drink Part 1

Destination Eat Drink is a podcast hosted by Brent Petersen.  Brent is a former Chicagoan with fond memories of some of the signature Chicago dishes like Italian beefs, hot dogs, PIZZA, and the plethora of craft breweries we have!  Brent and owner Jonathan Porter have a casual conversation that dove so DEEP into the subject that Brent and the Destination Eat Drink team decided to make a part 2.  Please enjoy Part 1 below Destination Eat Drink – Chicago (Part 1)

A Biker Dude Takes The Tour

Darrin Klapprodt is without a doubt the most positive guy I’ve ever been around.  He makes these amazing videos highlighting local products and restaurants and when he approached me with the idea of coming on a pizza tour, I couldn’t wait.  Check out our video below and let me know if you think we should do a follow up soon! Jon  

Demonstration vs Proclamation

The food tourism business has grown immensely since Chicago Pizza Tours burst on the scene in 2010.  There is more competition and companies that enter the Chicago pizza space typically proclaiming to be an expert.  I wanted to just take a moment to thank everyone for the business over the years, and also explain our business philosophy and our brand at Chicago Pizza Tours. Our brand isn’t just our logo, it’s the feeling people get when they’re on our tour.  I’ve always tried to convey that philosophy to my employees and the partners we work with.  It’s important for them to understand that we work hard to deliver a truly memorable experience for our guests.  Whenever I guide a tour, I will always thank our guests for spending their time with us.  It inspires me to know that people have…

Continuing Education To Be The Best Chicago Tour

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Every year in March the International Pizza Expo is held in Las Vegas and it is a mind blowing trip!  This convention is a must if we are going to work at being the best Chicago tour.  In order to understand our own pizza, we have to…

Vistaprint Commercial

Have you seen a commercial lately and thought, wait was that Chicago Pizza Tours?  Chances are you’re not crazy!  Vistaprint and Start Up reached out to feature us in a webisode for branded content.  The goal of this project was to do a brand refresh for Chicago Pizza Tours which included updating our logo and…

Owner Jon Writes For PMQ Pizza Magazine

Did you know that our owner Jonathan Porter doesn’t just run the Chicago Pizza Tour, he also hosts podcasts with pizza experts and even writes for PMQ Pizza Magazine when he’s not guiding.  Last December he sat down for a candid conversation with Derrick Tung the owner of Paulie Gee’s Logan Square, recorded it, and…

Piece Pizza On The Podcast

Piece is a 240-seat brewpub located in Chicago’s Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood and was named the highest grossing independent pizzeria in the US.  Piece is the first pizzeria to bring New Haven style of pizza to Chicago, and to the best of my knowledge it was the first time any pizzeria did a style other than…

Let’s Make A Deal – Chicago Pizza Tours

One thing I love is game shows.  I think everyone does.  Whether it was a sick day from school, or just a lazy college morning, I loved watching game shows like The Price Is Right, Scrabble, and others.  Let’s Make A Deal is no exception, the outfits are crazy, and Wayne Brady is an amazing host.  In our second year of business we were featured in the showcase showdown on The Price Is Right and 6 years later we made it onto another classic in the big deal of Let’s Make A Deal! The lady that wins this prize is beyond awesome, and I can’t wait to meet her!  You never know where we’ll end up next, maybe Wheel Of Fortune…

WGN Chicago’s Best – Piece Of The Pie

Growing up I knew this, deep dish pizza was invented at Pizzeria Uno by a guy named Ike Sewell in 1943.  It is a fact so undeniable that the city of  Chicago honored Ike by turning the stretch of Wabash Ave between Grand and Ontario into “Ike Sewell Honorary Way”.  It wasn’t until years later that I started doing some research and found out that maybe that wasn’t exactly spot on. Please enjoy Chicago’s Best presenting “Piece of the Pie” on WGN Best, Jon