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Destination Eat Drink Part 2

Destination Eat Drink is a podcast hosted by Brent Petersen.  Brent is a former Chicagoan with fond memories of some of the signature Chicago dishes like Pepper & egg sandwiches, Jibaritos, hot dogs, giardiniera, and PIZZA!  Brent and owner Jonathan Porter sat down for the 2nd time to engage in a casual conversation diving a little DEEPER into the Chicago food scene.  Please enjoy Part 2 below. Destination Eat Drink – Chicago (Part 2)  

Destination Eat Drink Part 1

Destination Eat Drink is a podcast hosted by Brent Petersen.  Brent is a former Chicagoan with fond memories of some of the signature Chicago dishes like Italian beefs, hot dogs, PIZZA, and the plethora of craft breweries we have!  Brent and owner Jonathan Porter have a casual conversation that dove so DEEP into the subject that Brent and the Destination Eat Drink team decided to make a part 2.  Please enjoy Part 1 below Destination Eat Drink – Chicago (Part 1)

Franciacorta Event Presented by the Windy City Wine Guy

I need to do more of these events, I just do!  In 2017 I hosted Cusumano Wines on a private pizza tour event where we paired many of their wines with different pizzas and was able to meet so many great wine aficionados in Chicago.  Michael Bottigliero who is also known as The Windy City…

Una Pizza Napoletana

Una Pizza Napoletana “Four nights a week, Anthony Mangieri creates what many consider among the best pizza in America at Una Pizza Napoletana, a nondescript, spartan restaurant carved out of a San Francisco auto garage South of Market. Mangieri’s routine begins when he comes to the restaurant every morning, usually alone, sometimes accompanied by his wife and infant…

Pizano’s South Loop Opens

This one has been in the works for a while.  Pizano’s has never been one to be shy about expanding their pizza empire, and they swung for the fences in early March with the opening of their largest location at 2106 S Indiana.  Pizano’s South Loop is located just one block away from McCormick Place,…

Jon Visits Tony Gemignani

In August of 2015 one of the best companies in the pizza industry contacted me regarding taking a tour of their facility in Modesto, CA.  Yes, I’m talking about my favorite tomato company Stanislaus Food Products.  Owned and operated by the Cortopassi family, they epitomize the correct way to run a company from top to…

Taste Testing Frozen Deep Dish Pizzas

Among the many things that make Chicago deep dish special, one of the most important is that it’s comfort food that is meant to be shared with friends and family.  Living my whole life in Chicago, I take it for granted that I’m surrounded by hundreds of joints that make a great deep dish pizza….

Pizano’s Frozen Pizzas Shipping Coast To Coast

So as previously mentioned in our post about myself (Jon) being on a panel at Taste Talks, upon returning home I found a giant cooler on my front porch.  It was sent by Chris Spitzer the corporate operations manager for Pizano’s.  He had mentioned to me in passing that the Pizano’s ship coast to coast…

Taste Talks Chicago

In September Kendall Bruns the creator of the US Pizza Museum reached out to us because he was going to host a pizza panel during the Chicago Taste Talks Event 2016.  An event like this is a great opportunity to be able to showcase some of our pizza knowledge but also to learn from some pizza…

Pizza Pilgrims Visit Windy City

November can be a pretty rad month for pizza tours, you never know what’s in store.  We start to scale back because it is technically “off season” but when we do, the availability can go quickly and we might have pretty large groups.  Either way, I was glad on this Weds afternoon (11/16/16) when I…

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