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Demonstration vs Proclamation

The food tourism business has grown immensely since Chicago Pizza Tours burst on the scene in 2010.  There is more competition and companies that enter the Chicago pizza space typically proclaiming to be an expert.  I wanted to just take a moment to thank everyone for the business over the years, and also explain our business philosophy and our brand at Chicago Pizza Tours.

Our brand isn’t just our logo, it’s the feeling people get when they’re on our tour.  I’ve always tried to convey that philosophy to my employees and the partners we work with.  It’s important for them to understand that we work hard to deliver a truly memorable experience for our guests.  Whenever I guide a tour, I will always thank our guests for spending their time with us.  It inspires me to know that people have a limited amount of time, but are happy to spend it touring with Chicago Pizza Tours.

I promise to keep this thinking at the forefront as long as I am in charge of Chicago Pizza Tours, and I promise that we will continue to demonstrate why we are the best tour in Chicago as opposed to just proclaim it on social media.

Thank you,