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DePaul Blue Demons Crave Chicago-Style Knowledge

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If you’ve taken the tour, and we dragged you through Lincoln Park on your pizza journey, you’ve undoubtedly seen and heard us talk about DePaul University. While none of the guides (including myself) are alumnus of DePaul, it certainly is a point of pride for many of us as we drive to Pequod’s. So I was extremely enthusiastic when I got an email from a professor there asking if I’d be willing to present Chicago Pizza Tours to 4 of his Quantitative Methods In Marketing classes.

Typically people get nervous for presenting or public speaking, but I treated this as a tour of Chicago Pizza Tours as opposed to a presentation, and I was so busy that week that I really didn’t even have time for nerves! The average presentation was around 2 hours, with so many amazing questions and ideas coming from the students. Let me tell you, if you haven’t been to college in a while, it looks a little different. I remember in the 90s at EIU, that I got my first email address Junior year, my roommate Senior year got a 25 lbs laptop that he let me share. He even had some mp3 files on a Zip drive, if you don’t know what that is, I’m sure Wikipedia can help you out. These days there is a computer at every seat, just set up right there in front of the student. They all have the ability to log in to those computers and save all their information to their log in. Not sure if you can tell, but I was seriously amazed by that and felt extremely old.

After presenting and answering questions, the students will now have 8 weeks to put together a ton of market research as their project for the trimester. The only thing more exciting than presenting to them, will be seeing them present to me in June. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and think about the lyric so eloquently sung by David Byrne “Well, how did I get here?”

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