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The Di Fara Experience

Have you ever taken a pizza-cation?  Chances are, if you are searching around on this site, you’re pretty serious about your pizza consumption, especially when traveling.  Being the founder of Chicago Pizza Tours, I tend to go all out on pizza when I am traveling.  This particular trip brought me to New York where I visited an insane amount of pizza places over the course of about 36 hours.  I will feature that whole trip in a 3 part blog soon, but for now… let’s focus on my pilgrimage to Di Fara located in the Midwood section of Brooklyn on Ave J.

For those familiar, there is no need for explanation, but if you’ve never heard of Di Fara, Domenico Demarco pictured below is the owner and makes all the pies.  He started at the age of 26 and has made all the pizzas at Di Fara with his hands and his hands only… think about that.


The group consisted of about 8 of us, perfect size for everyone to get a slice.  The mood was very quiet and reserved, similar to the dynamic you have when you’re in church with friends.  We quietly observed everything, took our own pictures, and then whispered about how magical it was as we ate and moaned.

Here’s the group, photo and more importantly private tour courtesy of Mark Bello (pictured all the way on the left taking the fisheye selfie) who owns Pizza A Casa, a pizza making class in NY).

This crew is a pizza wrecking machine. The tour for was led by Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours.  You have no idea how refreshing it is to be on a pizza tour and know nothing about where we are going, tastings, logistics, etc.   I felt like a kid again, just flat out enjoying the experience and anticipation of potential pies!

More on that when I put together a NY trip 3 part blog rehashing the pizza-cation.  I’m not going to discuss my thoughts on the taste, I’d compare it to me telling you how nice a Picasso piece looks.  For now enjoy these pics from the very famous, well respected Di Fara.