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Franciacorta Event Presented by the Windy City Wine Guy

I need to do more of these events, I just do!  In 2017 I hosted Cusumano Wines on a private pizza tour event where we paired many of their wines with different pizzas and was able to meet so many great wine aficionados in Chicago.  Michael Bottigliero who is also known as The Windy City Wine Guy was one of them and we struck up a friendship.  So many things we had in common from living in the same town, being White Sox fans, and his passion for wine mirror’d my passion for pizza.

So when I got the email that Michael had taken the IL Brand Ambassador for Franciacorta position and that he was hosting an event at Nonnina, I cleared my schedule!  Everything about this event was first class, starting with the Franciacorta wine that we tried, the food we paired with it, and the writers and guests that attended.  I was conveniently wedged in between a Food & Dining Editor from the Tribune, and Cindy Rynning the writer for Grape Experiences.

Michael started off the event with an in depth explanation on what Franciacorta was, the region of Italy it was produced in, brought us through the fermentation and secondary fermentation processes, and helped us discover the subtle notes.







The conversation mostly focused on how truly great this wine was.  It’s available right now at Eataly, and it looks like Franciacorta has been hoarding the bulk of their sparkling wine for years, but now looking to export and Chicago is fortunate to be one of their destinations.  I guide one of our tours that makes a stop inside Eataly and I will be sure to point our Franciacorta to our guests.  I hope that you take the time to pick up a bottle at Eataly and allow yourself a truly magical Italian sparkling wine experience… even pairs with pizza.