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HAMILTON, An American Musical

Most of the time, running a pizza tour seems like a ton of fun, but there really is a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smooth. Sometimes it’s downright chaos, but in the end it is always worth it. We do our best to not take ourselves too seriously, and I think that helps keep everything good. A few times a year we come across major opportunities and I felt we could share this one as an “inside Chicago Pizza Tours” post.


In October of 2017 the American musical Hamilton was celebrating their one year anniversary in Chicago. The wardrobe crew decided the best way to celebrate was by taking a Pizza & Cocktails Tour on a Sunday night. When we received this request, we were actually already full at max capacity with a Prohibition Tour in progress and another private tour booked for that evening, but this is Hamilton and we had to fit them in. I ended up renting a bus for a group of travelers from Canada that had already booked, and that freed up our second bus for the Hamilton crew. Sydney was going to be the guide for this outing and Doug was going to do the driving. Sydney recently graduated from Columbia College here in Chicago and focused a lot of her education on costume and design. This couldn’t have been more perfect for her to spend an evening engaging them on the pizza, but also on what they do as well, and hey, Doug likes to take in a show!


Since we had overlapping tours that evening, I was able to sit in with the Hamilton group at Lou Malnati’s in the Gold Coast prior to the start of my tour. The section they were in at 6:00pm was going to be the section I was using with my group at 7:00pm, so it worked out perfectly. I ended up conversing with them for a while, The Bears had won that day (a rarity) so some were excited for that and they were just overall very interesting and outgoing people on the start of their “Friday night”. Sunday after the matinee is the start of their weekend because they’re not back until Tuesday.







Sydney and Doug with them after the conclusion of the show back at CIBC Theatre.

In addition to the generous tip they left for Sydney and Doug, they extended access to company seats at the show as well! It was the opportunity of a lifetime, which allowed us to get orchestra level seats in addition to being able to be brought on stage after the show. If you haven’t seen the show, it is intense, eye opening, educational, and worth every penny.

Here’s a look at some of our pics from Jon’s family and Doug’s family attending the show!