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Pizano’s Frozen Pizzas Shipping Coast To Coast

So as previously mentioned in our post about myself (Jon) being on a panel at Taste Talks, upon returning home I found a giant cooler on my front porch.  It was sent by Chris Spitzer the corporate operations manager for Pizano’s.  He had mentioned to me in passing that the Pizano’s ship coast to coast frozen pizzas were ready, and that he would send me a few to try out.  I didn’t realize he meant right away!










There is probably not another soul on this planet that has eaten more Pizano’s in the last 7 years than myself.  I truly mean that.  For the better part of 7 years, I have been guiding tours that typically start or end at Pizano’s.  I tend to have a few pieces, every time!  Not to mention the fact that my family all loves Pizano’s, so in addition to the hundreds of times a year I’m there with groups, add on some more with family that wants Pizano’s.  Did I mention that Pizano’s also functions as a second office for me when I am meeting with vendors/partners of the tour?  Yeah that too.  In all, I can confidently say that I know exactly how a Pizano’s pizza tastes, I know exactly what happened when one goes wrong (rare but it happens), and I know how this pizza is supposed to be judged.  First things first, the pictures

Pizano's Frozen ThinIMG_1699








Here is the thin crust before and after.  Flavor was spot on, if there is any concerns it is in the fact that my oven isn’t the greatest and temperature fluctuates in different spots.  I need to pay closer attention and move the pizza around.  This one took about 20 minutes at 425.  It’s best to take the pizzas out of the freezer and let them thaw for about 20 minutes prior to baking.  There are detailed instructions on the box along with pictures of Rudy Malnati Jr and Mama Malnati.


Pizano's Frozen Pizzas

The deep dish was incredible.  While I felt the thin crust was spot on to the taste and texture, the deep dish I might have problems in a blind taste test of in restaurant vs baked at home.  I think it is just the nature of the way a thicker pizza is constructed.  The only thing I am missing is one of their well seasoned pans.  I may have to beg them to give me an already seasoned pan or if things get drastic, just walk out of there with one haha!


If you hold Chicago deep dish & tavern style thin crust near and dear to your heart, and you don’t live in Chicago, this is a great opportunity to satisfy those cravings.  Family pizza night can now be Family Authentic Chicago Pizza (that we sampled on Chicago Pizza Tours) night.  When you have great memories of eating this food with your group on a tour, you can revisit those memories in the convenience of your home.  It is reinforces what and why we do what we do when past guests write in thanking Chicago Pizza Tours and Pizano’s for being able to recreate their food experience at home.


Ships coast to coast, find out more HERE