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Pizza Pilgrims Visit Windy City

November can be a pretty rad month for pizza tours, you never know what’s in store.  We start to scale back because it is technically “off season” but when we do, the availability can go quickly and we might have pretty large groups.  Either way, I was glad on this Weds afternoon (11/16/16) when I didn’t have one scheduled, so that I could sit down and share some slices with Bill Jacobs the owner of Piece Brewery & Pizzeria in Bucktown, as well Neil Davey a food writer from across the pond, and Thom & James the owners of Pizza Pilgrims.

If you don’t know the Pizza Pilgrims story, it’s a good one.  They’re young and finding success in London in the pizza business.  It begins with that usual story, couple of guys working “regular” jobs and realizing that they have no passion behind what they’re doing.  They located a pizza truck in Italy and thought about how great it would be to see if they could make pizza work in London.  They headed out to purchase that little vehicle and oven, and budgeted about a week to get back.  What they didn’t know was that the vehicle didn’t go above 15 mph and that this quick trip, would lead to a long pizza pilgrimage.  Read their full story HERE

Lunch was amazing, we got a full tour of one of my favorite pizza joints inside their kitchen, and into the brewery section of the restaurant as well.  A day like this served as a recharge of excitement when you share slices with people from all over the world that have such a passion for pizza.












Bill Jacobs was a great host, it’s a rewarding experience to sit with people that work hard in the pizza business and have found success.  Always something to learn!  Afterward he sent me on my way with an assortment of Bro Bagel for my Blue Line ride home.  I lived in Bucktown from 2000 – 2005 and I have to say going to Piece makes me miss it.  That place truly represents the Bucktown neighborhood and the residents are lucky to have such a gem.