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Taste Testing Frozen Deep Dish Pizzas

Among the many things that make Chicago deep dish special, one of the most important is that it’s comfort food that is meant to be shared with friends and family.  Living my whole life in Chicago, I take it for granted that I’m surrounded by hundreds of joints that make a great deep dish pizza.  But what do CPT’s customers that live elsewhere do when they’ve been spoiled by our legendary deep dish?  Fortunately in an effort to turn a profit, some of the best deep dish purveyors have figured out how to let you recreate their pizza in your kitchen.  Skeptical that it is possible to create restaurant style deep dish in your own kitchen, both Chicago Pizza Tours and Scott’s Pizza Tours set out to take the challenge.


The theme for this bake at home challenge was to be light and humorous, but we still wanted to get to the bottom of this.  I should also explaining that because Scott’s Pizza Tours runs guided tours of NY Pizzerias, that doesn’t make them CPT’s sworn enemy, it makes them our colleagues and more importantly our friends!


We decided that we would feature four restaurants for this challenge, that gives us a good amount of pies to sample (it is deep dish after all), but it also leaves the door open if we ever want to revisit this and make a sequel.

The four featured in no particular order:



Pictured to the left is the freezer available at Pizano’s Madison street location and a box from Lou Malnati’s that I used to ship all the pies to Scott.  First time the UPS Store on Wacker Drive shipped 8 delicious frozen pizzas next day air!

Everything was recorded and uploaded to our YouTube Chanel, please enjoy this short video and I promise that it’s worth it to watch until the end to see tour guide/driver Jonathan Knotek plow through someone’s side mirror and adding about $350 to the cost of this project.

Take note of the Tony’s Pizza Napoletana apron, this place will be getting it’s own post as well.