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Una Pizza Napoletana

Una Pizza Napoletana

“Four nights a week, Anthony Mangieri creates what many consider among the best pizza in America at Una Pizza Napoletana, a nondescript, spartan restaurant carved out of a San Francisco auto garage South of Market.

Mangieri’s routine begins when he comes to the restaurant every morning, usually alone, sometimes accompanied by his wife and infant daughter. An avid cyclist, he often rides a bike or scooter from his Sausalito home. Once he arrives, he turns up the music high – jazz on one day, maybe Italian opera another – and creates the dough in a tiny room, unadorned save for a crucifix. The dough is a three-day process, unrefrigerated and naturally leavened.

That night, Mangieri will offer the same five pizzas as he did the day before, and as he will tomorrow. For two decades, Mangieri, 41, often clad in a worn baseball cap and T-shirt, has done the same thing every day, though he’s added a pie or two since moving his restaurant from New York to the Bay Area. When he runs out of dough, he closes for the night.”

It was an 8 year run in San Francisco but on December 23rd of 2017, Una Pizza Napoletana ran out of dough forever.  A tough blow to San Francisco, a town that has amazing pizza, but there are plenty of great spots still left to get a pie.  This situation is all too familiar as the same thing happened to Una Pizza Napoletana back in 2009 when Anthony left New York to open up in San Francisco.  This time he is headed back to the east coast and rest assured it will still be as magical as before.

For me, this was a bucket list pizzeria and I’m glad that I made the trek in September of 2015.  It was a real pizza obsessed work vacation for my wife and I.  We were visiting the company Stanislaus to see their tomato fields and canning process, and we had to take a day just before my 38th birthday to visit Una Pizza Napoletana.  Everything lived up to the hype, event the wait. We arrived 30 minutes before opening to start the line on a Wednesday.  We couldn’t wait for 5:00pm for them to open… but it was more like 5:27pm by the time he actually unlocked the door making sure we were absolutely starving.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Filetti which is fresh cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh garlic, extra-virginolive oil, fresh basil, sea salt (fresh tomatoes, no sauce).  I hope you all enjoy the pictures, and I look forward to Anthony reopening in New York in 2018.