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WGN Radio Bill & Wendy Show 2014

People often ask if this is the coolest job in the world.  Yes and no is probably the best answer for that.  I mean sure it is, our job is sharing pizza with pizza fanatics!  But what the customer doesn’t always see is the amount of work that goes in behind the scenes that enables these tours to operate the way they do.  Like any job, it can get stressful, but on 5/9/14 we had one of the awesome days!

It was the Friday before Mother’s Day, and I was off to the Bill & Wendy Show!  The show broadcasts from the Tribune Tower with the windows to the studio open to Michigan Ave for all the people walking by to wave and peek in.  Here’s how it looks from the inside on a rainy morning haha!

I never show up to an appointment like this empty handed.  I had 3 pizzas from Flo & Santo’s, the Polish, a sausage, and a cheese.  I also had 3 pizzas from Coalfire, the pepperoni whipped ricotta, the N’duja, and a White pie.  I’m there a little early, sitting in the green room and I’m able to listen to the show while I get ready to be a guest.  I’m going on about 11:10am and I have no idea if I’m on for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or maybe even 15 minutes!  While I’m listening, I discover that they are having people from all over the country call in to talk about how there mother’s have passed and share their sad stories.  I mean it is one call after another of remembering, but at the same time super sad for people who’s moms have passed.  By the time it is almost 11:10am, I think to myself boy this is really sad and I’m not sure how to follow that.

Bill Leff – “Ok welcome back”

Wendy Snyder – “Bill something smells absolutely delicious in here”

Bill Leff – “Well Wendy that’s because we’ve got Jon Porter from Chicago Pizza Tours sitting in here to talk about Chicago pizza!”

I mean, only a true professional can take a short commercial break and bring it from tear jerking stories to “ALRIGHT IT’S PIZZA TIME!”

And just like that we were off and running.  Wendy couldn’t stop eyeing that Flo’s Polish pizza, she must have mentioned it 10 times on air, Bill was in love with the Coalfire Pepperoni Whipped Ricotta.  We talked for 45 minutes on air about Chicago pizza!  Every time they would go into break, I would sit back in the chair and take my headphones off and almost expect to be escorted out by the producer, and Bill would motion to me “no no, stay put, let’s stay on this longer!”  By the time I had finished Bob Sirott had walked in behind me (apparently I was in his seat for his show) and I had helped close out the rest of the show.  I was a guest for 50 minutes!  What a thrill!  Also with it being Mother’s Day weekend, I did find it a little humorous that my mom was texting me while I was on air talking, to tell me I sound great 😉

Thanks Mom!