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WGN Radio Steve Cochran Show Hosts Pizza Tour

Fat Tuesday 2017, normally I would spend this morning freezing my rear end off standing on the sidewalk of some bakery in Bridgeport waiting for paczkis.  Not Tuesday 2/28/17, we had other plans in the works.  Jonathan Knotek and I were going on the radio to talk Pizza Tours and Prohibition Tours.

This was my third trip inside the WGN Studio, 2nd with Jonathan Knotek.  I visited the Bill & Wendy Show the Friday before Mother’s Day back in 2014, and we’d gone on the Dave Plier show in July of 2015 to talk historic bars, but this was a first for us going on the Steve Cochran Show.

Special thanks to the producer of the show Mike Jacobsen who had recently taken the tour with his girlfriends family that was visiting from Milwaukee.  He was a big fan of the tour, and obviously of the great pizza Chicago has to offer.  He set this all up and Steve even mentioned how excited he was to get this topic on the show!


And enjoy some pics from our morning there