Start-Up Show Features Chicago Pizza Tours In Season 1

Posted March 23, 2016 | By EzSites

At Chicago Pizza Tours, we pride ourselves in being the brand name for anything pizza related in Chicago.  A network was in town shooting footage of the famous Chicago pizza, and reached out to CPT founder Jonathan Porter for some info as well as access into some deep dish kitchens.  After a long conversation, the team working on this particular project not only got everything they needed, but decided to pitch the Chicago Pizza Tours business to a new show that was airing the next fall.

Start Up

Pictured below is producer Jenny Feterovich & host Gary Bredow


“My name is Gary Bredow and I’m a documentary film maker and an entrepreneur.  The economy is in less than perfect shape and when the jobs go away there is nothing left to do but get up and get creative, and there are people all over America doing just that.  It’s estimated that up to 85% of new businesses fail.  So I’m going coast to coast to hear the personal stories of the people who beat the odds and started a successful business from the ground up, this is Start Up!”


Explaining how our business came about, and how we grew from a 1 man show into a full blown small niche business was an amazing experience.  Working with them and becoming a fan of the show helped us to grow to the company we are today.

View the episode by clicking HERE

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