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Offering bus driven and walking tours that deliver a dynamic Chicago pizza experience for more than a decade. Feel like a local as you taste everything from historic slices to new pizzerias that are evolving Chicago’s eclectic pizza culture.

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Savor Chicago's renowned pizza scene while exploring unique neighborhoods.

Travel more than 20 miles devouring multiple styles of Chicago pizza in just a few hours. Eat and feel like a local as you visit authentic small businesses to sample their legendary pizzas and hear their stories.

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2010 - 2020 Certificate of Excellence Winner
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My group was very impressed with the value of this tour. Between traveling far into the neighborhoods, the arrangements with each restaurant, and all the information presented, Chicago Pizza Tours covered everything!

Emily D, Columbus, OH

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CPR - The Chicago Pizza Report

An inside look at the pizza scene in Chicago and beyond. With thousands of pizzerias in the Chicagoland area we can't take guests to all of them, but we'll cover them.

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