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Chicago Pizza Tours started in 2009, becoming the first Chicago food tour company focused solely on pizza. Our mission was simple: provide visitors and locals with the best and most thorough Chicago pizza experience. The tours are designed by local Chicago pizza enthusiast Jonathan Porter, who has judged the U.S. Pizza Championships and contributed to many pizza-related books as well as TV specials.

Jonathan, being an integral part of the Chicago pizza community, saw an opportunity to create an entertaining dining experience to showcase Chicago’s most iconic food. He designed several guided bus tours of significant pizzerias, featuring local shops off the beaten path.

In the early days, Chicago Pizza Tours started as a one-man company, but thousands of tours later, it has grown to more than ten employees operating several buses and several different activities. It has truly been the American dream to take a fun activity and turn it into a successful niche business.

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Most of the team at Butch McGuire’s celebrating


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Jon has spent his whole life working with small businesses. He helped his father create a successful promotional products agency in 1999, and ten years later decided it was time to try something new. At the age of 32, with the help of his wife, Jon founded Chicago Pizza Tours with the goal of teaching guests about ingredients and the science behind why certain pizzas taste the way they do. “If you really believe in what you do, you should go for it!”

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“A group is a bunch of people in an elevator. A team is also a bunch of people in an elevator, but the elevator is broken!” ~Bonnie Edelstein

Doug Arnold Driver

Doug has retired to drive. A former salesman, these days Doug enjoys driving for the City of Rosemont as well as Chicago Pizza Tours.

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Greg Farrand Tour Guide

Greg is a tour veteran who has been entertaining guests on Lake Michigan for years but now jumped into the pizza world here in Chicago. We are happy to have him on the team.

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Will Waller Driver

Will knows the back roads of Chicago like no other. He also drives the trolleys for Navy Pier, and his Corvette when he’s not working.

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Sydney Back Tour Guide

A graduate of Columbia College and a performer by trade, Sydney brings her quick wit and no BS attitude mixed with courteous professionalism.

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Danny Kallas Tour Guide

Danny is kind of like the Batman of the team. By day he is a hilarious guide, but by evening a well known stand up comedian. No one gives a tour like Danny, guaranteed.

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Kevin Porter Tour Guide

Kevin’s specialty is Pizza & Cocktails. His MC skills are shown off every week in front of crowds that are drinking. He’s also the brother of Jon the founder.

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Jonathan Knotek Writer, Tour Guide, Driver

The only double threat on the team that can guide or drive! Jonathan has been with CPT for several years and serves as head guide and co-writer for tour material.

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